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..."[Michelin] is evidently a very intelligent musician, higly swinging and exquisitely elaborate regarding harmony."..Michelin is one of the great Uruguayan pianists that was added to this festival.Intelligent composer, with a great sense of balance, knows how to recycle different styles into a new format, always using the jazz language which he controls to perfection.As a pianist, his finesse in handling harmonies is remarkable."


La Nacion (Argentina) of the most exciting trios in town..


Jon Garelick (Boston Phoenix)


NANDO MICHELIN Art Double Time DTRCD 144 (64:54) 


In this ear-grabbing gallery of breathtaking originals, Uruguayan pianist Nando Michelin does more than connect dots between music and painting. Drawing inspiration from such canonic modernists as "Juan Gris" and "Henri Matisse," Michelin paints with emotional directness and cutting edge sophistication. In "Marc Chagall," for instance, one hears echoes of Michelin's South American heritage as well as the advanced training he received at Berklee in Boston, Michelin's home for the past decade.

Fleshing out Michelin's outlines are bassist Fernando Huergo, drummer Steve Langone, and percussionist Sergio Faluotico, whose nuanced energies accent with taste and disciplined abandon, as heard in "Joan Miro" and "Picasso in Blue," Michelin is a compelling soloist. However, it's tenorist Jerry Bergonzi who splashes the brightest colors. Indeed, Bergonzi's forays are the work of "a man possessed," as annotator Ted Panken puts it. Credit Bergonzi. But also credit Michelin's grand designs and the quintet's great grace, passion and simpatico.


Jazz Times, Chuck Berg


About "Paul Gaugin" from "Art"


A great piece. The entire compositional structure is Wayne Shorter-like,...

Bergonzi has such a fat sound. 5 stars. I don't know the composer [Nando Michelin] but I want to check out this record.


Branford Marsalis (Downbeat Blinfolded test)


Departing from his inventiveness, this Uruguayan musician takes the carnaval mask out of the themes, finding inside high quality music and a lot of jazz: the piano developements are loaded with lyrical force


F. Bezos (Cuadernos de Jazz, Spain)



"In Nando Michelin's world unexpected connections come as naturally as home runs to [baseball star] Manny Ramirez.


Bob Young (Boston Herald)


" Nando Michelin is a symbiosis-in-sound of Bop and Latin idioms (his repertoire reaches from ostinato figures all the way to breakneck chord progressions),...."


Jazz Podium (Germany)



"..[the group] often plays as one-rising,falling and dissecting colorful explorations, and meaty, vamp-heavy solos.

..., helps extend the jazz trio concept."


Ken Micallef (Downbeat)


[Michelin] has made his career exploring the relationship between Latin music and Jazz improvisation, and forging a wholly personal voice that draws on both."Duende" doesn't proceed according to a template.In fact, it's an album full of Latin influences, but evades any kind of predictable Latin connotation. It's a loose, fluid, idiosyncratic jazz trio session that wears its scholarship lightly."


Siddartha Mitter (Boston Globe)


Pianista ecléctico y versátil, Nando Michelin es también un refinado compositor, con miles de matices, que cubre los estilos de jazz y de cultura musical muy diversa: sobre todo Brasil y también la India mencionado a través del uso de tablas..Por consiguiente, una rítmica de primer orden que secunda de la mejor manera la elegancia de sonido del líder, pianista refinado que encuentra la dimensión más genial y eficaz en el tinte más amplio y distendido...El resultado es un jazz de alta calidad, legado de la gran tradición del jazz de los años sesenta revivido en clave contemporánea.


All about Jazz (Italy)

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